Thursday, May 23, 2024


Speaker recognises that our diverse community of the North West have so much to offer. Especially as our rapidly changing society has brought about a new generation of minorities with new experiences, ideas and attitudes. While the mainstream media fail to catch up and represent us in a dualistic way through outdated stereotypes, Speaker is the authentic platform that amplifies the real voices of our multifaceted minority groups.

Reclaiming the narrative for true representation

Speaker brings you fresh perspectives directly from the misrepresented, so that they can express themselves and tell their story without it being reduced to a negative click-bait headline and tabloid journalism. We publish solution-based articles that dig deeper and encourage critical thinking, enabling us to challenge misconceptions and enlighten society.

Raising awareness about the things that matter to us

Whether it’s your take on a global political dispute or a new TV show that you’re hooked on, we publish articles that cover a wide range of categories to capture the true essence of our diverse community. Your voices are what make Speaker what it is, so we’re always on the hunt for contributors to write with us.

Building a socially conscious community that inspire one another and thrive together

Speaker is made up of readers and contributors from different ages, backgrounds and regions (not just limited to the North West). Our platform provides a space for you to connect with one another through your voices and experiences, so that we can learn from each other, educate others, find solutions and succeed together.

Celebrating our success and originality

We believe that the key to success lies in what makes us different. And there’s nothing we love more than seeing you make your dreams come true! From carrying out interviews to writing reviews and covering events, we shout about your talent and support you on your journey in any way that we can. We also offer tailored advertising packages for businesses to promote your products and services.

Providing a space for the Pakistani community to connect with Speaker Urdu

Speaker started in 2006 as an Urdu newspaper for the Pakistani people of Manchester, from the corner of a bedroom. Over 14 years later, it’s recognised by Urdu speakers all over the world and even has its own radio station. You can read Speaker Urdu at