Thursday, March 23, 2023



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Creature: A Disturbingly Beautiful Film

The creators London-born Akram Khan is of Bangledeshi heritage, and a choreographer known for injecting his South Asian roots and contemporary dance into his work....

Being South Asian at the New Manchester Museum

Walking into the refurbished Manchester Museum, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new South Asia Gallery.  I’d been counting down the days...

Cinder’Aliyah: An Interview with the Writer of the UK’s First Muslim Pantomime

Manchester’s Vermillion saw a very nice turnout last weekend as the crowd awaited the start of Cinder’Aliyah: The Great Muslim Pantomime, a reworking of...

Five Years Of BAME In Property – The Personal, Professional And Industry Journey

Setting up BAME in Property as a networking group I started BAME in Property in late 2017 out of a frustration of seeing little diversity...